error message when loading data: GENERIC_INTERNAL_ERROR: No enum constant org.apache.parquet.schema.OriginalType.2a


Hi, I'm trying to load data from s3 to s3 in my current work. The source data has all fields in string data format whereas the destination has the right field formats (decimal, date etc). I can run the select command in the source data (with all the transformations) but when I put insert into statement to load data to another schema I get the error message: GENERIC_INTERNAL_ERROR: No enum constant org.apache.parquet.schema.OriginalType.2a

It doesn't give any specific information like what field is causing this issue. The same insert statement seem to work for all other tables except for just one. Please advise and let me know if any more clarifications is required.

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The generic error you are receiving (GENERIC_INTERNAL_ERROR: No enum constant org.apache.parquet.schema.OriginalType.2a) is not accurately traceable without context of the data in the file you are processing and the specific transforms that are being applied.

Please check that the entire dataset you are transforming to parquet is actually convertible to the destination column type. You could manually check the source file or you could try using the type casting functionality in Athena to convert columns to a specific type to see that it is valid.

answered 3 months ago

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