Canot find the data iot simulator generated.


I am trying to show data on AWS Quicksight which iot simulator generated. But I can't find data in S3. Someone Please show me where the data is stored,and the name of the file.

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Hi Tom177. Are you talking about the AWS IoT Device Simulator?

If so, this doesn't publish IoT device data to an S3 bucket. It just publishes to IoT Core. This blog post covers some patterns of how you may then build it out for visualization:

Apologies if you mean something other than AWS IoT Device Simulator.

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answered 2 years ago
  • Thank you for responding so quickly. Yes,I ment AWS IoT Device Simulator. I understand that data goes to IoT Core. I Think pattern3 is what I want to do. I will try sending data to Quicksignt through IoT Core.

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