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/Connect Windows 10 WorkSpace to Amazon Linux 2 EC2 Instance/

Connect Windows 10 WorkSpace to Amazon Linux 2 EC2 Instance


Hi, I'm experimenting with a Windows 10 WorkSpace for the first time and need some guidance on how to access an application on my Linux EC2 instance. They are both in the same account and when I created the WorkSpace I selected the default VPC which is also where my EC2 instance is. I have installed a Java application on the Workspace that needs to connect to an application on the Linux EC2 instance but so far I've failed miserably. I've added the WorkSpace IP into the Security Group associated with my EC2 instance but it just can't see it. I've tried both the public and private IP address of the EC2 instance. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

1 Answers

Based on your scenario, I would suggest verifying a couple of items:

  1. Verify that the WorkSpace and Ec2 Linux instance are in the same subnet.
  2. On the security group assigned to the WorkSpace and Ec2 Linux instance, add ensure you've added the target security group the the list. Check this documentation for steps: Rules to connect to instances from an instance with the same security group
  3. Check to see if you have communication between the two instance by doing ICMP ping or a simple Windows Tracert

If you still encounter problems/error, I would recommend opening an AWS Support Ticket to have a Support Engineer review the logs associated with your account for further troubleshooting. Thanks

answered 3 months ago

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