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Combine streams from S3 object listing and ObjectCreated events


I am hoping to create a stream of messages, and the stream will be defined by providing an S3 bucket + prefix, and will stream:

  1. a list of all existing objects at the given prefix
  2. new objects that are uploaded under the prefix, via the ObjectCreated event

It will need to handle deduplication, so that if the same object appears in both 1 and 2 (due to async processing), the file will be processed exactly once.

I need to be able to create new instances of the stream at any time, and direct them to destinations such as Lambda or SQS, e.g. when changing the code that processes the file to produce a newer version of the output, I will create a new Lambda and replay the stream from the beginning (with a preference for newer files first)

Currently I am using the Databricks Autoloader, but I would like to move my solution back to AWS to have more control over the implementation. How can I build this functionality on AWS? Thanks!

For context, I have also discussed this solution in the Databricks forums:

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