Can we create an Appflow Connector for Sharepoint via CLI?


The Sharepoint Online connector for AppFlow is a custom connector, and as such the documentation on using the SDK is very scant. Is it possible to create a Connection via AWS CLI with this connector type, and if so can someone provide a working example of the exact fields required. I've started by listing out a connection that I created manually in the console, and then trying to recreate that via command like below, but the closest I can get after passing all of the request validations one by one is that the service attempts to connect and then fails somehow.

aws appflow create-connector-profile
--connector-profile-name 'test-999'
--connector-type 'CustomConnector'
--connector-label 'MicrosoftSharePointOnline'
--connection-mode 'Public'
--connector-profile-config ' { "connectorProfileProperties": { "CustomConnector": { "profileProperties": { "authCode": "", "usePrivateLinkForMetadataAndAuthorization": "false" }, "oAuth2Properties": { "tokenUrl": "", "oAuth2GrantType": "AUTHORIZATION_CODE" } } }, "connectorProfileCredentials": { "CustomConnector": { "authenticationType": "OAUTH2", "oauth2": { "clientId": "xx", "clientSecret": "xx" } } } }'

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Are you trying to keep source as Microsoft Sharepoint Online and destination as s3. Did you look into the following documentation if it might help in your usecase?

[+] Microsoft SharePoint Online connector for Amazon AppFlow -

answered 5 months ago
  • Aman, thanks for your offer to help. I hope its clear from my post that I am trying to use the Sharepoint Online connector and that I have been through all the documentation I could find, including your link - if you actually read through that document, there is nothing useful about the CLI which is what my focus is. Feel free to try to test my use case and let me know if you can make it work!

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