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/Use same root domain for multiple apps/

Use same root domain for multiple apps


We have a hosted zone in Route 53 ( that acts as an extension to our primary root domain ( We want to use that hosted zone for multiple Amplify apps.

For example:

  • App1 ->

  • App2 ->

And potentially add multiple subdomains:

  • App1 Dev ->

  • App1 Prod ->

  • App2 Dev ->

I have attempted to add a a hosted zone that was previously verified to a second app and it stalls at CNAME verification even though the CNAME verification record is created and accurate in Route 53. Is this scenario possible and if so, how should I work around the verification stalling?

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Thanks for providing a brief explanation of the use case. I can confirm that the setup looks good and should be configurable. Regarding the verification stalling, I would suggest you to open a support case with the Route 53 team with the necessary details so that any AWS R53 engineers is able to resolve this and get the setup to work.

answered 2 months ago

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