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I'm trying to implement AWS OTA; however, I am using the Quectel modem's built-in Publish and Subscribe. I have a wrapper around collecting subscription data and publishing. Does anyone have some insight on how to connect a custom pub/sub to the aws ota agent?

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Hi hans. The OTA library has several dependencies that need to be satisfied to port it:

This is the MQTT interface:

So instead of using coreMQTT, you could develop your own MQTT implementation around the Quectel, so long as it offers a matching interface.

You can find an OTA demo here: And an example of the setup of the interface here:

That all said, and without knowing the details of which Quectel modem you're using, I'm wondering if this is the best way forward? A lot of work has already been done with the Quectel BG96 to abstract at the TCP level rather than MQTT:

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