Not able to set lambda reserved concurrency in new account



I have a new account and only one lambda function in it. I cannot set the "reserved concurrency" of this lambda function as I get the error "The unreserved account concurrency can't go below 50". The unreserved concurrency is indeed 50. The same thing happens if I attempt to do it with the CLI.

I would like to set maximal 10 concurrent invocations of this function as to not overload an external backend. Why can't I set the reserved concurrency of this function?

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New accounts now get a max default concurrency of 50. If you need more, use the Service Quotas service to ask for an increase.

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answered 7 months ago
  • But why do I need to ask aws to increase it if I want exactly to limit the concurrency of my function ?

  • There is some internal limit that requires that there are at least 50 unreserved concurrency. As your limit is 50, setting reserved concurrency on a function will bring the remaining to less than 50, which is not allowed. Just ask for a small increase.

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