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/Creating hosted zone records with .NET SDK/

Creating hosted zone records with .NET SDK


I am trying to create hosted zone records (alias, Simple routing, A records) using the .NET SDK ChangeResourceRecordSetsAsync method. My jsonized input for the request (sanitized) is this:

  "HostedZoneId": "route 53 hosted zone id",
  "ChangeBatch": {
    "Changes": [
        "Action": {
          "Value": "CREATE"
        "ResourceRecordSet": {
          "Name": "uri that i wish this to appear as",
          "Type": {
            "Value": "A"
          "Region": {
            "Value": "selected region"
          "AliasTarget": {
            "HostedZoneId": "hosted zone id of the api gateway endpoint",
            "DNSName": "api gateway domain name",
            "EvaluateTargetHealth": true

If I include SetIdentifier, I end up with a hosted zone record, but the routing is set to Latency. If I remove SetIdentifier, it complains because it is not there and nothing gets created. Could someone please help me format a request to create a record with Simple routing?

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Alright, figured it out. I had to remove the Region from the request.

answered a month ago

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