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Why can't I install an app on a T3.small instance if it works fine for me on the t2.micro Free Tier?


I´m using the Metatrader 5 app on the free tier t2.micro instance and it works perfectly. Now I need to install it on a t3.small instance with windows server 2019 base because I need more capacity and it won't let me install it. When starting the MT5 installer, a message appears asking me for a proxy address, a username and a password. This app is installed directly without asking for any proxy. I've already tried disabling the instance's firewall and it doesn't work either. I tried to disable Defender but I guess I couldn't disable it completely (I'm not a computer expert) and it didn't work either. I understand that there is something that prevents the installation of the app but I don't know what it can be. Thanks

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