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/API call via SDK to send SES email via interface endpoint/

API call via SDK to send SES email via interface endpoint


Hi team, I have a private VPC in which I added an endpoint for email service to be able to send emails via Amazon SES but the job that sends the SES email runs forever and doesn't do anything.

I opened port 25 in the SG as mentioned here :

My SDK code (in a glue job) use an API call to the SES send email command to send the email

not sure if the email interfaces SMTP endpoint work for SES?

  • Could you please explain if you have an issue or encounter an error in your Glue job?

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From the details I understand that you are trying to send emails via Amazon SES associated with Glue ETL job. Can you please provide below details :

  1. Did your Glue ETL job fail and you did not receive emails ?
  2. Have you already worked with AWS support to get port 25 restriction removed as I see that the port 25 restriction can't be removed from non-VPC functions. Do you see any timeout issues ?
  3. Do you see any Access Denied/other authorization issues for the Glue IAM user/role in Cloud Trail while trying to send emails to SES ?

I would recommend you to please open a ticket with Glue premium support providing Glue job run ID, AWS region in which the job ran and we can work on a screen-share.


answered 3 months ago

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