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Amazon Connect Queue based routing question.


Based on the routing describe in this link, imagine if we have an agent who can take calls from both English and Spanish queues. Does that mean that we have to make another Routing profile for English-Spanish Reservation as agent can only be added to one Routing Profile?

If yes, we are running into the problem of having too many groups to manage if agents can handle multiple skills or train for these .

For example, if we have queues for each of the following products that Agents can learn about: Television (TV) Microwave (MW) Mobile Phone (MP)

Then we will need following routing profiles:

Television - agents that know only about TV Microwave - agents that know only about MW Mobile Phone - agents that know only about MP TV-MW - agents that know about TV and MW TV-MP - agents that know about TV and MP MW-MP - agents that know about MW and MP TV - MW - MP - agents that know about all three products

This means with each new product/skill, the number of combinations for routing profiles grow exponentially.

One way to solve this would be to have the ability to add an Agent into multiple groups. However, that is not possible. Is there a way around this?

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Basically, no there is no nice solution for this. Time for a feature request :)

answered 3 months ago
Accepted Answer

That's one of the biggest queue drop backs. Routing profiles create this limitation. If agents could be skilled that would allow for something like this to be possible. :(

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answered 3 months ago

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