how to increase the storage of host instance


The parameters of a big neural network model can be huge. But the largest storage size of a host instance is only 30G, according to Is there a way to increase the storage volume? I have a model (embeddings) that is very close to 30G and caused a no space error when deploying.


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The disk size is currently not configurable for SageMaker Endpoints with EBS backed volumes. As a workaround, please use instances with ephemeral storage for your SageMaker endpoint.

Example instance types with ephemeral storage:

The full list of Amazon SageMaker instance types can be accessed here:

answered 4 years ago

Thanks! Using a x5d instance solves the issue.

And a quick note: even though I could download the big model to endpoint now, I got timeout error when loading the model in the endpoint. After some trial and error, I solved it by increasing the timeout value and reducing the number of worker by setting the environment variables. To do it, pass this dict


when creating the model object.

answered 4 years ago

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