MFA Issue - Cannot Login and hence cannot reset MFA


How to deal with the MFA issue when the associated mobile number is also not reachable by the helpline?

  • The MFA is not working since is not listed on the mobile Auth app
  • Upon troubleshooting :
  1. Email Verification (done)
  2. Mobile Number (not reachable)
  3. Cannot proceed to the third

Upon inquiring several time the helpline states "Your contact is not-reachable". Leading to incurring high cost.

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2 Answers


Am I correct in understanding that it cannot be restored using the steps in the document below?

In that case, I think you need to contact AWS from the URL below.

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answered 7 months ago
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Honestly, that doesn't work either because instructions are wrong. To call my number they have to use +1 and not 00. It's just wrong

answered 6 months ago

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