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What are the minimum permission needed to start an EC2 instance


What are the least privileged needed to start an EC2 instance: Can get to work with ec2:*

but when try to limit the policy with the following the creation fails:

        - Sid: EC2GuardRail
                Effect: Allow
                   - 'ec2:RunInstance'
                   - 'iam:PassRole'
                   - 'ec2:DescribeSubnets'
                   - 'ec2:DescribeSecurityGroups'
                   - 'ec2:DescribeInstances'
                   - 'ec2:DescribeInstancesTypes'
                   - 'ec2:CreateTags'
                   - 'ec2:DescribeImages'
                   - 'ec2:DescribeKeyPairs'
                   - 'ec2:DescribeVpcs'
                   - 'ec2:CreateSecurityGroup'
                   - 'ec2:AuthorizeSecurityGroupIngress'
                   - 'ec2:CreateKeyPair'
                   - 'ec2:RunInstance'
                   - 'ec2:TerminateInstance'
                 - '*'
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To start an EC2 instance, the only Action I see that you're missing is ec2:StartInstances.

In regards to minimum permissions for starting an instance, I would recommend allowing:


You may also want to grant ec2:StopInstances if you want to allow a user to also stop the instance.

You could also limit the scope to only the user who created the instance or instances that match a specific tag. See here for additional documentation on that:

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answered a month ago

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