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Doubt about cloudwatch metrics


Hi Everyone, please help me to understand the following situation

I'm looking at my usage report and I can't understand why I'm being charged 0.10 for the 100.294 metrics considering, that my number of metrics is below 10,000 (1800 metrics), where does 100.294 come from?


$0.10 per metric-month for the next 240,000 metrics100.294 Metrics$10.03
$0.30 per metric-month for the first 10,000 metrics1800 Metrics$540.0
2 Answers

If I understood correctly, for that particular month, there were 1900.294 metrics in total. With the first 1800 you crossed 10000 since you started using Cloudwatch. Those 1800 were charged @ $0.3. The remaining 100.294 are charged @ $0.1 since you crossed 10000. This is the only possible explanation in my view.

answered 5 months ago

Hi, do you use both custom metrics and detailed monitoring? Is the count above only one of the 2 or the sum of both?

FYI, both detailed monitoring and custom metrics count towards tiers - therefore if you look at only one of the 2, you might get the impression that you have less than 10,000 metrics in the first tier, but that could be e.g. 1,800 custom metrics and 8,200 detailed monitoring metrics in it for example.

Can you please share more details on what filters got you those numbers?

answered 5 months ago

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