Postgres RDS Proxy stopped working at 5am


At around 05:00 RDS Proxy for Postgres suddenly stopped functioning after working seamlessly since June. Doing a describe on the CLI against the RDS Proxy target it said it had failed due to an internal error. Wondering if anyone else has seen similar in eu-west-1 this morning?

We tried destroying the proxy and recreating it, and while the console and CLI show the proxy target as available, it doesn't work. We can see in Wireshark and application logs that the Proxy is returning an 08000 error "Timed-out waiting to acquire database connect". Occasionally if you spam the proxy enough you will get a connection through. The RDS proxy is in the same security group as the database itself, and for now we have the applications bypassing the RDS Proxy and just going straight to the databases as a workaround and that's fine.

Also worth mentioning that other accounts provisioned in the same way are working okay.

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Please check the Postgres utilization during that period also check for any long running transactions which might cause database to stop accepting connections. 08000 is postgres specific error.

answered 7 months ago

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