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/Start lightsail leads to a 403 error, even logging in with root/

Start lightsail leads to a 403 error, even logging in with root


I logged in as root to stop the lightsail web console page and try to restart it, but after clicking it, a window pops out and says

t looks like you aren't authorized.

If you're signed in as an IAM user, ask your administrator to create a permissions policy that grants access to Amazon Lightsail resources and related AWS services

I am pretty sure I config nothing more in aws, since this is a newly registered accout. What should I do to restart the lightsail instance?

  • Did you also use the root user as well when you created the instance? Could you perhaps try creating an IAM user with admin permissions, logging in as that user, then try going to the Lightsail web console again to restart your instance?

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I understand you want to tried logging into your lightsail instance to stop the web console page and you are getting an error when you restart instance.

I recommend you try these steps to troubleshoot the problem:

  1. If your AWS account or your IAM user was recently created, wait a few minutes, the refresh your browser.

  2. If it has been a while since you signed in, refresh your browser. If you’re prompted to sign in again, be sure to use an IAM user that has access to Lightsail.

3.If your IAM user doesn't have access to Lightsail, contact the AWS account root user or IAM user with administrator access to request access to Lightsail.

4.If you continue to get the 403 error after trying these steps, contact AWS Customer Support.

For troubleshooting steps click on the links below[2] Reference links: [1] [2]

I hope the above information is helpful.

answered 18 days ago

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