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I've read that many AWS services offer free tier deals for certain instances. For instance an EC2 T4.micro instance has a 750 free tier for the first 12 months.

I'm not sure what is ment with the first 12 months. Does that mean the first 12 months following the moment that you start your first EC2 instance? Or does it mean the first 12 months following the moment you first created your AWS account?

I also have a question thats specifically about the EC2 free tier. Do you get 750 hours of free EC2 micro usage each month or do you get 750 free hours that must be used within the next 12 months? I've read the documentation about this here and i assume you get 750 free hours every month but i want to be sure about this so thats why i'm asking.

Thank you

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"In the first 12 months" means from when the account you're operating in was created. Each customer account has a separate "start date" and therefore the 12 month period starts when each account was opened.

Note that we have a reference page that lists all of the services available in the free tier.

To your EC2 question specifically, it is 750 hour per month.

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answered 10 months ago
  • So if your account is more then 1 year old you've automatically lost all of your free tiers, regardless of whether you tried a service out or not?

  • @Viridios Yes, that is correct. If you account is more than 1 year old, then any Free Tier that mentions "first 12 months" is no longer available. However, some service offer Free Tiers for every month (not just the first 12 months).

  • Also, note that the 750 hours for EC2 can be used as 1 instance for an entire month, or 2 instances for half a month, or even 750 instances for one hour.

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