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We can make use of the Amazon Connect CTI adapter with the Salesforce. So calls can be answered by the Connect & the ticket creation and details will be pulled from the Salesforce. I understand if a customer not having the CRM application, this Connect profile feature would be great. But why would someone uses the Salesforce have to integrate their data with the use of Amazon Connect customer profile? Since they already using the Salesforce!!!

I am trying to understand the actual use case! If someone could answer, it would be helpful.

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Customer Profiles unifies customer data from multiple sources, to speed up potential multiple data source searches (backend systems), and equip agents with the necessary information about the full customer context.

In addition to Salesforce (your system of record), you can add web clicks info (what the customer is interested in while browsing your site), marketing campaigns info (what offers were sent to the customers and when), and any other information that may be useful for agents to understand the full customer context (not just what is stored in Salesforce).

All this data empowers agents to offer meaningful up-sell/cross-sell options, or event predict a next call reason, and address it.

In Customer Profiles you can also ingest various pieces of data from Salesforce, including any custom identifiers, or status of a current activity, or customer demographics used for basic validation (like a PIN, or a street number), and use this data for self-serve action validation (in the IVR or your web portal), or to anticipate intent of a next interaction with pre-calculated customer profiles attributes ( You can also integrate with other applications such as Marketo, Segment, Shopify, Slack ( to complete your full customer interaction data across multiple platforms outside of the contact center.

There is much more to Customer Profiles than the basic information stored in one CRM. Another example: by using the identity resolution feature ( you can merge similar profiles to avoid duplicate customer records, and you can export this clean data back to any other system you need to use it.

I hope this helps.

answered 6 months ago

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