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Is there a Lobby system?


Hi, Is there a "Lobby" system in GameLift for players to be added in before they are assigned a game session? Similar to the Lobby service in PlayFab?



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3 Answers

Yeah! FlexMatch with backfill will work for that case. Here's how the flow would work for players using a matchmaking configuration with backfill:

  1. First player joins matchmaking and that ticket creates a game session with 4 open slots - this game session acts as the lobby for other players to join
  2. Another player joins matchmaking - they get matched with player 1 and joins the match in the backfilled spot
  3. Game server updates FlexMatch with updated game status
  4. Repeat 2-3 until the game session is full
  5. Start the match in your game!
answered a month ago
  • Sweet! Thanks for details on FlexMatch. I shall be speaking to a member of the game tech team this week so we'll discuss it further. Thank you again :-)


Hi Bhav,

Can you tell me what lobby features you are looking for specifically? Currently, GameLift offers FlexMatch as a matchmaking system that could be used to implement lobbies using backfill to find other players:

answered a month ago
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reviewed a month ago

Hi Alan, A lobby area would act as a waiting room for players who are waiting for a match or have been matched but are waiting for the team they are part of to be filled. For example, I wish to play as a member of team X and X requires 5 players before they can all join and play the join.

Does that make sense?

answered a month ago

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