How can I set expiration date for a usage plan after 1 month from the first use


I am currently facing an issue with AWS regarding my app's communication with Amazon AWS via API Gateway. Once I create, test, and deploy my APIs, I use API Gateway usage plans to offer them as products to my customers. However, I have two issues that I need help with:

  1. Currently, the plan quota resets on the 1st day of each month, but I need it to expire after 1 month from the first use by the customer.
  2. I am unable to find a way to display the remaining plan quota to the user on my app.

Any assistance with these issues would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I have tried researching extensively and exploring various AWS resources to find a solution to my issues, but I have not been able to find a clear solution. Any assistance or guidance on these matters would be greatly appreciated.

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Accepted Answer
  1. There isn't a way to change when the usage plan quota resets. Monthly quotas only reset on the 1st of every month.
  2. There is a getUsage API that will return the usage data for each API key in a usage plan. You can use this to retrieve the remaining quota(s) and give the relevant data back to the user.
answered 17 days ago
  • Thank you for the helpful response, I will try the GetUsage API to retrieve the remaining quota.


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answered 15 days ago

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