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AWS Backup - using tags - transitioning and lifecycle help


Most of my other post was answered but stuck on one concept. I have a few Dynmo tables that will always be appended so have PITR and will have a daily tag to backup with. However, if have tables that change with the month. So after the month, that data will not change. So if I have a tag call backup_monthly, I can make a rule to say backup daily, transition to cold storage after a few days.

But, if I keep that tag of backup_monthly, no data changes, will just that process trying to sync cause that to be a new backup since the old is in cold storage?

I don't want to have to change tags monthly, etc. but rather just set it and forget it, knowing daily backups are warm and always updating, january is warm and backing up, come Feb, Jan will transition to cold and Feb will be warm until March.

Thanks all

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2 Answers

I'm not sure If I did understand your questions but what I understood was that you're looking for a lifecycle management option for your backups performed by AWS backups that get processed daily/monthly.

AWS has recently added a new feature in AWS backup (Advanced features) for Amazon DynamoDB backups.

To know more about Advanced DynamoDB backup:

Copying tags onto backups

I hope it fulfills your requirement.

answered 4 months ago


As noted above, we have added support for DynamoDB for lifecycle transition to cold storage. We also have enhanced tag based selection, where you can select only DDB service & only tables with a specific tags. You can create tag based filters with boolean expressions.

In the backup plan ensure you have the the rules for the daily/weekly/monthly, and in the life cycle rule, ensure to point to AWS backup, when you want it to move blocks to Cold storage.

Keep in mind though, that blocks that are needed for your warm backups from the golden image of the table, will remain in hot, to enable you to restore that PITR.

Hope this helps

answered 4 months ago

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