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On the AWS EMR console, we are seeing AWS EMR 6.5.0 version being available. However, EMR Documentation doesn't have any specific information on 6.5.0.

When will the documentation be updated based on the releases in EMR

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Checking regions I do not see the EMR 6.5.0 available in many of them and only few is having them. AWS Documentation and the EMR releases go hand in hand and I believe documentation would be out as soon as the release is completed in all major regions.

Is there any specific details you are after?

answered 6 months ago
  • EMR 6.5.0 has been available in us-east-1 since the first week of December. Docs should be released when the product is available anywhere, not everywhere... if it's in prod for a subset of users it's still in prod.

  • I agree with @davidkry I am looking for list of changes and list of issues related to EMR 6.5.0 and EMR 5.34.0

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