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CodePipeline creates a BuildArtif and SourceArti key for build artifacts by default. Is this configurable?


Just curious why the strange naming convention (it seems to be limited to 10 characters) and if this can be updated in any configuration within CodePipeline.

asked 7 months ago83 views
1 Answer

The artifact naming can be modified from the defaults (1). I can't be certain as to why the underlying filename in S3 is truncated in this manner however.

(1) : Input and output artifacts

answered 7 months ago
  • While I know the S3 bucket name is configurable, the question was asking about input/output artifact paths. The article doesn't indicate whether the paths are configurable from the defaults (s3://{bucket-name}/{pipeline-name}/BuildArtif). It's the last part of the path I'm trying to figure out.

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