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V2 Lex OrderFlowers Blueprint Lambda Error


I am following the v2 Lex Developer Guide to create the OrderFlowers Blueprint Lex. I followed the steps to add a Lamba function (page 145) in the guide ( When I execute the Lex Bot it throws the error below. Do you have any suggestions what is causing this? Thank You!

Invalid Lambda Response: Your request to Amazon Lex couldn't be completed. Lambda function arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:994504927747:function:OrderFlowersCodeHook:OrderFlowersCodeHook encountered a problem while processing Amazon Lex request 4c270a5e-4883-4df4-98b7-996be1cbb627. The error message from the Lambda function is Unhandled. Check the Lambda function log for error details, then try your request again after fixing the error.

1 Answers

I believe I found the answer. The Lex v2 Input and Response Formats are different than Lev v1. The Lambda Order Flowers Blueprint uses the v1 format. Refer to "Migrating a Lambda function" in the documentation:

answered 12 days ago

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