Why do the Amplify docs say it creates new branches for every PR?


In the AWS Amplify docs, it says:

"When EnableAutoBranchCreation is set to true, Amplify will automatically create a new branch in your app's connected Git repository whenever a new pull request is opened."

A developer has to create a branch BEFORE they create a pull request in the first place. Why would Amplify then create another branch? What's the point of this?

What I actually want is for Amplify to detect PRs and just deploy the contents of that branch (like Vercel or Netlify). I don't want extra branches being created. Is this possible?

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You're right that GIT branch is created by developer before the pull request can be done.

There is also branch in Applify application. Think this as deployment from certain GIT branch. EnableAutoBranchCreation creates this Amplify app branch automatically when new GIT branches are created. I think pull request previews is what you are looking for?


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answered 7 months ago
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