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Hello Team, We are configuring direct connect module in AWS. After creating Direct Connection we are creating virtual interface and while creating interface we are getting below error.

Customer address (X.X.X.X/30) and Amazon address (y.y.y.y/30) are not within the same CIDR block of any of Your Routes.

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It seems to be a mismatch between the customer IP and Amazon IP. Could you follow this below steps to troubleshoot it .

Verify the Subnet Configuration Understanding /30 Subnet A /30 subnet provides 4 IP addresses: 2 usable IP addresses, 1 network address, and 1 broadcast address. For example, if your /30 subnet is, the addresses would be:

Network address: Usable IP addresses:, Broadcast address:

Ensure IP Addresses are in the Same Subnet Both the customer and Amazon addresses must fall within the same /30 subnet. For example:

Customer IP: Amazon IP: Subnet:

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