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Unable to launch Sumerian console


Hello, When I go to Sumerian console, it automatically redirects it to the below link with resources and related services. I don’t see an option to move beyond this page. How can I actually get inside the Sumerian console and start using some of the Sumerian avatars, readymade templates etc.

I have confirmed that I have the necessary permissions on the AWS account (I tried with both root user as well as IAM user with all the permissions). Do I need to sign up for this service with AWS Support or am I missing something?

asked 6 months ago47 views
1 Answer

Amazon Sumerian is no longer accepting new customers. Existing customers will still be able to access their scenes until February 21, 2023, after which their Sumerian scenes will no longer be available in the Amazon Sumerian console.

We are recommending customers transition from Sumerian to other web-based 3D engines such as Babylon.js. Guides for how to get started with Babylon are linked on the page you linked to.

answered 6 months ago

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