How to get cloudwatch metrics and logs on grafana cloud?


I am new at AWS services,I have already done the setup of cloud watch over AWS services but didn't get response from cloudwatch. Do i Need to add/setup some agent for push data on Grafana cloud or need to do any other configuration on cloud watch ? Please help me, this would be really appreciable .

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Here are the three resources/documentation, that I'd suggest you to follow. These have step by step guide for cloudwatch integration with Grafana cloud and how to add cloudwatch as source to Grafana:

  1. Manually add CloudWatch as a data source
  2. Grafana integration
  3. Step by step guide for adding Amazon CloudWatch data source to Grafana cloud

For reference, there are many youtube videos which can help you to follow the above mentioned documents and one of the closest one is this one, which can help you. Point to note is, I'd always suggest you to follow the documentation instead of any youtube video, as documentation is the source of truth and keep getting updated with latest updates/features.

Hope you find this useful. Comment here if you have additional questions.


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  • Thanks for your response, I have already configure the setup as you mention above but metrics or logs not reflecting over the grafana cloud. i did not get where's the issue & why data is not displaying over the Grafana Dashboard ?

  • Are you not getting any logs at all? Just as a quick reference, can you revisit your setup with this youtube help. Let me know how it goes and what you find.

  • Also, look at 3rd document, which I mentioned in my answer, Step by step guide for adding Amazon CloudWatch data source to Grafana cloud.

        Namespaces of Custom Metrics
        Grafana can’t load custom namespaces through the CloudWatch GetMetricData API.
        To make custom metrics appear in the data source’s query editor fields, specify the names of the namespaces containing the custom metrics in the data source configuration’s Namespaces of Custom Metrics field. The field accepts multiple namespaces separated by commas.
  • Hi, make sure you have correct name in namespaces. It is case sensitive.

  • Thank s Didlier for adding. Hi Surya, Do you have any questions further?

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