How to Deploy Unreal Engine 5 Games on AWS Gamelift


I am working on an Unreal Engine 5 project and want to deploy the game on AWS infrastructure (Gamelift). But came to know that the Gamelift Server SDK and Gamekit doesn't support UE5 as of now. Is there any way around to deploy UE5 game server and backend on AWS or is it like 'if you guys are building on UE5, you have to wait until we roll out an update sometime in the future'? It will be really encouraging if you can share some good documentation/ articles on the topic as well.

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We've heard from other customers that the existing SDK does work with UE5. However, official UE5 support is a feature request we are tracking on our end.

Here are our docs for integrating UE with GameLift:

Here's a video guide on using UE with GameLift:

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  • Hey,

    Actually I am working on AWS Gamelift Server SDK with UE5 and its working like you said. So I wonder why it's still mentioned in the Server SDK that it supports up to UE4.26 only. will there be any issue at a point when we build things and reach a point when there is no turning back? This is my worry now. But yeah, right now all is good.


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