unable to launch workspaces due to quota error


I just setup AWS Workspaces in a new AWS account. I was able to launch one "Power with Windows 10 (Server 2019 based) WSP" workspace and access it. I deleted that Workspace over 24 hours ago and am trying to launch another workspace with the same bundle and I am receiving the error "You have reached your current approved WorkSpaces limit of 0".

I am not trying to launch a Graphics workspaces, which I understand has a default quota of 0. I checked the Service Quota for my account and it says my Applied quota value is 0.

According to the information I could find, the default quota should be 1 for a non-Graphics workspaces and it must have been at least 1 when I first created the account, because I was able to launch 1 workspace.

I am wondering if I have done something to cause AWS to lower by Workspaces quota to 0. I have opened an increase quota request, but it's been more than 24 hours with no updates.

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If you opened the request for a quota increase it can take at least 24hours to be approved. If you give it a little more time you should be able to spin up a new Workspace.

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answered 2 years ago

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