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Hi, I am new to appstream and running into an issue I'm not sure how fix. Installed a VSP app and it runs fine under Admin. Switch to the other users, both can run it also if I just launch the EXE. I'm mapping the initialization datafiles to %USERPROFILE% so it picks up which user is logged in and looking to setup home directories with S3. However, when I add to the image builder, it will not launch and says it can't find files under c:\program files\amazon\photon\ ... which is not even the directory I have the app running. Any pointers? Thank you.

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When you switch user to test the application, you should open image assistant and choose the application from there. That will ensure it can launch from the application catalog once you create a fleet.

If the fleet is domain joined, make sure you test the image with a user with the same permissions as the end user.

If you remove your customizations to %USERPROFILE%, does it work correctly? Would enabling home folders on the stack meet your needs?

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answered 3 months ago

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