Is it possible to map an S3 static website to a public static IP address?


Hi All,

A customer is using S3 to host a simple static HTML website (just a bunch of HTML pages and images).

The challenge they are having is that they are not using Route53 but they need to use their own government DNS service which doesn't support alias mappings. As they can only map the site address to a static IP. They are asking if there is a way to expose the S3 website via a static IP so that they can configure the host (A) record on their government DNS service to point to that IP.

If anybody has done something similar, it would be much appreciated if I could get some advice on this scenario.

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It's unfortunate that they can't use Route53 :-).

Global Accelerator >> ALB >> Redirect ("Native" or with Lambda functions if you want to do granular redirects) to your S3 bucket.

It's not the best architectural pattern, but it is an option that addresses your use case.


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