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Hi AWS, this is the follow up question for an issue I raised in the past I ran cdk bootstrap --bootstrap-bucket-name=aws-cdk-bootcamp-bucket and it ran successfully and a CloudFormation Template CDKToolkit has been deployed successfully.

However when I ran cdk deploy --all --bootstrap-bucket-name=aws-cdk-bootcamp-bucket, I got this error:

✨  Synthesis time: 12.12s

AwsCdkBootcampStack:  start: Building cbf2aebb6eaf329b82b695324e2488fc5c97ed5adb4bb98fb6dfe7d7558af63f:current_account-current_region
AwsCdkBootcampStack:  success: Built cbf2aebb6eaf329b82b695324e2488fc5c97ed5adb4bb98fb6dfe7d7558af63f:current_account-current_region
AwsCdkBootcampStack:  start: Publishing cbf2aebb6eaf329b82b695324e2488fc5c97ed5adb4bb98fb6dfe7d7558af63f:current_account-current_region
AwsCdkBootcampStack:  fail: No bucket named 'cdk-hnb659fds-assets-111111111111-us-east-1'. Is account 111111111111 bootstrapped?

 ❌ Deployment failed: Error: Failed to publish asset cbf2aebb6eaf329b82b695324e2488fc5c97ed5adb4bb98fb6dfe7d7558af63f:current_account-current_region
    at Deployments.publishSingleAsset (C:\Users\amang\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\aws-cdk\lib\index.js:445:11645)
    at async Object.publishAsset (C:\Users\amang\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\aws-cdk\lib\index.js:445:197443)
    at async C:\Users\amang\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\aws-cdk\lib\index.js:445:181344

Failed to publish asset cbf2aebb6eaf329b82b695324e2488fc5c97ed5adb4bb98fb6dfe7d7558af63f:current_account-current_region

Then I have updated file, and here is the code:

#!/usr/bin/env python3
import os

import aws_cdk as cdk
from aws_cdk import DefaultStackSynthesizer

from aws_cdk_bootcamp.aws_cdk_bootcamp_stack import AwsCdkBootcampStack

app = cdk.App()
AwsCdkBootcampStack(app, "AwsCdkBootcampStack",
    # If you don't specify 'env', this stack will be environment-agnostic.
    # Account/Region-dependent features and context lookups will not work,
    # but a single synthesized template can be deployed anywhere.

    # Uncomment the next line to specialize this stack for the AWS Account
    # and Region that are implied by the current CLI configuration.

    #env=cdk.Environment(account=os.getenv('CDK_DEFAULT_ACCOUNT'), region=os.getenv('CDK_DEFAULT_REGION')),

    # Uncomment the next line if you know exactly what Account and Region you
    # want to deploy the stack to. */

    #env=cdk.Environment(account='123456789012', region='us-east-1'),

    # For more information, see


and now when I ran the command cdk deploy --all, I am getting this error: Another CLI (PID=304212) is currently synthing to cdk.out. Invoke the CLI in sequence, or use '--output' to synth into different directories.

Please advise.

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This happens usually when a previous cdk synth did not release the serializing lock (cdk.out/synth.lock i) during an "abrupt" termination.

Try to see if this file exists. If you're sure that no other synth is running on this repo. You can remove this file and try synth again



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