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I want to use AWS Bedrock with Claude and Titan models via its API from a flutter app (iOS for know). Mostly I would use bedrock-runtime endpoint. As far as I understand, none of the proposed SDKs is usable from within flutter. What are my options here?

I've seen this Amplify Tutorial but it hosts a backend using npm bedrock client package. Does this mean I have to host some kind of gateway myself?

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I would suggest to directly use InvokeModel API call. -

To create signature for AWS requests you can refer to this documentation -

There is also a sigv4 tool for dart -

answered 2 months ago
  • Hi,

    thank you so much for your answer! This helped a lot. I have one more question though. I am not sure on how to handle authentication. Copying the keys from the aws console and copying them into env vars is not working well for me because they are only have short term validity. Do you know how the AWSCredentialsProvider.profile() constructor is supposed to work? I have completed all these steps with aws cli and have all the files in ~/.aws. When I run flutter with iOS Simulator I am getting: Unhandled Exception: InvalidCredentialsException: Could not load credentials for profile "dev"

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