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R53 Registered Domain Vertification Email Broken



I bought a domain with AWS.

I'm not receiving the verification email, and as a result, my domain has been suspended. When I go to the domain, I click on "Send email again" in the "Your domain might be suspended" dialog, and it says that it sent me an email, but it never arrives. I've been trying this button for 24 hours now, no result.

This is broken functionality that is now impacting the domain that I paid AWS for.

Please resolve this ASAP.

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I understand that you are failing to receive a verification email, and your domain is been suspend and that broken functionality is now impacting the domain. To verify if you domain is suspended, please Send a WHOIS query for the domain [1]. If the value of Domain Status is clientHold, the domain has been suspended. In addition when a domain is suspended, AWS usually send an email to the email address for the registrant contact for the domain.

However, if the domain was suspended based on a court order, the court might not let AWS notify the registrant contact [2]. To have your domain unsuspended, please contact AWS Support [3] is free of charge. For more information, about domain registration issues refer to the document below reference link [4].

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answered 2 months ago

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