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/DMS service for aurora postgres doesnt accept a view as source for full load process/

DMS service for aurora postgres doesnt accept a view as source for full load process


Hi We are creating a DMS task that we were expecting to use a view in a Aurora Postgres service as data source, for a single use table migration. But it seems that views arent actually supported in this specific source case .... any reason for this? Theres a column which serves as primary key for that view

Below is the message when creating the DMS task Error in mapping rules. Rule with ruleId = 042389161 failed validation. view selection is not available for aurora-postgresql source type

In the meantime, im looking towards AWS Glue to do the procedure, and in the "worst" case, create a procedure to do the task / load process

Any tips would be great for the ones that may fall for the same case

best regards

1 Answers

Is this for a one-shot migration or you intend to do this often (or continuously?) If this is a one-shot, as a work around you can create a table from this view and move that new table with DMS.

answered 2 months ago
  • currently, one shot, but unless mysql and postgres became better than aurora, i cant stop thinking that this is a truly useful feature. The cost to materialize a view is too high

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