Problem with EFS filesystem remount after instance stop / start


Hi, I have created a Linux EC2 instance and added an /dev/sdf volume. After creating a filesystem plus mount point I could run umount and then mount -a without issue. However when I shutdown the instance and later restart the filesystem is not auto-remounted. Mount -a fails with various errors about missing code-page but I can manually remount the filesystem without problems. I have followed AWS advice on configuring /etc/fstab but still have the problem - Any thoughts? Kr Ian

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I have understand that you have problem with EBS mount to the Ec2 at the specified path, I hope you have followed this link Automatically mount an attached volume after reboot

Be sure to check:

  • Backup your /etc/fstab file
  • Check the the UUID and the configuration show example below - refered from the link above
  • Filesystem type is XFS but if you want use another type
UUID=aebf131c-6957-451e-8d34-ec978d9581ae  /data  xfs  defaults,nofail  0  2
  • try a test with
sudo umount /pathof the mount/ -- after this you will be unmounted
sudo mount -a --  if you dont get errors it works 

If you check above inputs and let me know if you have issues again

answered 17 days ago
  • Hi, many thx for your response. I have tried the above but on restart the file system fails to remount automatically. I can only think that the UUID is changing on reboot.

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