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Python 3.9 runtime support in additional CodeBuild-provided standard images



Is anyone else interested in gaining support for the Python 3.9 runtime in additional CodeBuild-provided standard images? Python 3.9 has been released six months ago and appears mature, yet the Amazon Linux 2 based images currently do not support Python 3.9 out-of-the-box. The aarch64 flavor of the Amazon Linux 2 image is the only standard image provided for that architecture, resulting in what feels to me like a particularly annoying capability gap.

I have already created a feature request on GitHub and proposed a PR to address this.

Feel free to comment and/or up-vote. Thanks!

asked a year ago222 views
3 Answers

It'd be great to have Python 3.9 available via Amazon Linux Extras:

amazon-linux-extras install python3.9  
answered a year ago

I've been waiting for this for a long time now as well (python3.9 in amazon-linux-extras).

answered a year ago

I've also been waiting for this for a long time now (python3.9 in amazon-linux-extras). Make it happen please!

answered 10 months ago

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