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/When does an Async lambda retry?/

When does an Async lambda retry?


It's not clear to me by reading when retries.

I know it retires when it times out.

But what if I did a throw New Error("uh oh") in my nodejs function, would it retry?

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2 Answers

Raising an exception like that is a Function Error which is retried twice for Asynchronous invocation. Depending on the error you've encountered in your function, throwing that exception may or may not make sense. If for example your code decides the incoming event isn't valid, there's no point triggering a retry.

answered a month ago
  • Maybe a better question is, how do I return a "Bad request" error in nodejs, the sort that won't get retried?


Exceptions will cause an invocation retry. If you return from your handler, it is not considered a failure, regardless of what is the return value. If you do not want to retry, just return some value from the handler. As it is an asynchronous invocation, nobody is really looking at the result, unless you are also using Lambda destinations. If you are using Lambda destination you can return different responses in case of success and failure, send them to EventBridge and create different rules to handle them differently.

answered a month ago

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