Are EventBridge events (fully) passed to Glue Workflows?


Starting a Glue workflow with an EventBridge event set only (as Run properties) the IDs of the events that started the workflow. Are passing the full EventBridge events supported in Glue Workflows?

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I'm not sure I understand your question. Did you follow the instructions here?

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  • I'm referring to access to the EventBridge event details from a Glue Job included in the workflow. According to the documentation, only the event Ids (and not the event details) are shared as Run Properties (aws:eventIds) among the jobs.

  • I have the same use case i.e. to pass the Eventbridge event details to a Glue workflow (as run properties). Currently there seems to be no way to achieve this. I also tried having lambda as a target for the Eventbridge rule and starting the Glue workflow from lambda. Even in that case, the glue client "start_workflow_run" API does not have an option to pass run properties


There is no native option to pass EventBridge event details to Glue job. But I used the following workaround to do this:

  1. You need to get an event ID from Glue workflow properties
event_id = glue_client.get_workflow_run_properties(Name=self.args['WORKFLOW_NAME'],
  1. Get all NotifyEvent events for the last several minutes. It's up to you to decide how much time can pass between the workflow start and your job start.
response = event_client.lookup_events(LookupAttributes=[{'AttributeKey': 'EventName',
                                                         'AttributeValue': 'NotifyEvent'}],
                                                         StartTime=( - datetime.timedelta(minutes=5)),
  1. Check which event has an enclosed event with the event ID we get from Glue workflow.
for i in range(len(response)):
      event_payload = json.loads(response[i]['CloudTrailEvent'])['requestParameters']['eventPayload']
      if event_payload['eventId'] == event_id:
                event = json.loads(event_payload['eventBody'])

In the event variable you get the full content of the event that triggered Glue workflow.

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answered a year ago

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