CDK and Route 53 Failover


We found a quite useful CDK article. It’s using a Lambda, Route 53 “A record”, and more. It’s titled “AWS CDK: Use Lambda with Application Load Balancer”

However, the article does not cover failover. The straight forward question would be “what changes to this article would be made so that Active-passive failover between regions is supported?“

I understand a Route 53 “A record” has the "Failover routing policy" with which one can set up an active-passive failover setup. Hypothetically: if us-east-1 is down, it would automatically switch us to us-east-2.
Items of note:

Other related resources:

Any insight into how to implement failover using CDK, would be quite welcome. Thanks!

Update Feb 5, 2022

Still hoping for an optimal solution. For now, trying to wrestle with CfnRecordSet. CfnRecordSet properties of setIdentifier, **aliasTarget ** with evaluateTargetHealth (Evaluate Target Health), and failover seem to be key.

Evaluate Target Health related docs that we are looking at:

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