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Is it possible to see CPU Utilization monitoring over a longer period than just two weeks?


Hi There

In RDS > Databases > Monitoring

I need to see CPU utilization over a longer period of time than just the past two weeks. I'd like to see it over the past two years. Does anyone have any guidance to offer? We're seeing a CPU Utilization spike every day from 12:04pm-12:31pm Pacific time and we're trying to see when it started, so we can see from our logs the changes that were pushed right before.

Can anyone help?

1 Answers

You can refer Amazon Cloudwatch metrics for extended period - please refer FAQ: What is the retention period of all metrics? and announcement CloudWatch extends Metrics retention and new User Interface

You can also refer Metrics Retention and Cloudwatch API reference GetMetricStatistics for more details.

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answered a month ago

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