Using Timestream as a dataset for QuickSight (Domain: ap-southeast-2)


Hi, I'm trying to use my Timestream DB as a dataset for QuickSight BI. Both of them are in the ap-southeast-2 domain, but Timestream is not on the list. (Please find the attached screenshot). The only way I can make this work is by changing the domain to us-east-1,2. Is there any solution to this??screenshot
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As of till date , Quicksight doesnt have a direct connection with Timestream DB. However you can leverage Athena(Serverless SQL Service) in between to Integrate Timestream and Quicksight. Once you go to Athena you can create a connector(Via Lambda) to your data source Timestream DB . Then you can make Athena as the source for your Quicksight for Dashboards and reporting. This Feature of Athena is called as federated query

Ref Flow Architecture:-

Timestream ---> Athena(Federated Query via Lambda Connectors) ----> Quicksight

Few useful links for your reference :-

Lambda Connector Template for Timestream in Athena (Github Source) - (Go to athena-timestream)

Documentation -

Reference Blog -

answered 2 months ago

Hello User-1450233,

Just to clarify, Timestream as a direct datasource in QuickSight is not yet available in ap-southeast-2 and ap-northeast-1 regions. This is something we are working on.

However, in all other regions where Timestream is available (refer pricing page), you can use Timestream as a direct datasource in QuickSight.

While we are working on this, you can consider alternative approaches like the one suggested above.

Stay tuned for updates.


answered 2 months ago

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