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Support for .baby TLD


We would like to transfer our domain over to Route 53 but .baby is not on Generic TLD support list. Is it possible to get this TLD added. Also, is it possible to transfer the domain (from GoDaddy) without the TLD being added to the list?

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According to the documentation,

If a TLD is not on the list, you can't currently transfer the domain registration to Route 53. 

That said, is there any reason you want to transfer the domain?

One way to use R53 (for better integration with AWS services, for example) without actually transfer the domain, is to update the name servers in GoDaddy with R53 name servers. You can refer to the process here.

Also if you have a lot of domains, to make the process easier you can create a reusable delegation set.

answered 8 months ago
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reviewed 8 months ago

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