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Route 53 Active-Passive Failover


A customer wants to do:

DNS load balancing for an Active-Passive failover. Has two data centers, DC1 ( and DC2 ( that their end users are accessing workspace services from. Wants all users to go to "" and have an Active-Passive failover in case of DR that can be manually triggered. I understand that this the fail over can obviously been done with Route 53 automatically. However, the customer's primary concern is being able to do this manually. What would be the best way to go about doing this manually, i.e. restrict the automatic failover?

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Accepted Answer

Your customer could make use of a weighted routing policy (, rather than failover routing. The idea here would be to set the weight for the primary to 1 & the secondary to 0, which would route all requests to the primary. When the customer wanted to fail over to the secondary, they'd swap the weights over (primary = 0, secondary = 1).

Having said that, if an unplanned failure of the primary happened, this scheme wouldn't maintain service until the weights were swapped, so it's not an ideal scenario from that perspective.

answered 3 years ago

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