IoT GreenGrass: the latest greengrass-nucleus-latest(2.11.1) dos not support lattest IDT 4.7.0


I am using below cmd to install in my Device wich is installing the latest greengrass nucleus.

curl -s > && unzip -d GreengrassInstaller sudo -E java -Droot="/greengrass/v2" -jar ./GreengrassInstaller/lib/Greengrass.jar --aws-region eu-central-1 --thing-name TeraGreengrass --thing-group-name GreengrassQuickStartGroup --component-default-user ggc_user:ggc_group --provision true --setup-system-service true --deploy-dev-tools true

But when we are trying to validate the device using IDT version devicetester_greengrass_v2_4.7.0_testsuite_2.5.0_win , it throws a version-compatible issue.

Host : window Device: ubuntu aarch64

Now I want to downgrade the Greengrass-nucleus to 2.11.0 wich is supported by IDT tool. I have already attempted several processes but have not achieved any results. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Hello Kamalnath,

For new Greengrass Nucleus releases, IDT is currently only supporting major.minor.0 versions. See here for more information.

For your case I would suggest removing and re-installing the nucleus on the device using the correct version.

curl -s >

Regards, Joseph

answered 9 months ago

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