Charged for public IPv4 address when using Free Tier services


I just signed up for the AWS and am trying out the Free Tier services. I created a t2.micro EC2 instance and a Workspace with Performance machine, both are covered by Free Tier. When creating these instances, I accepted all the default settings. After several days, I see a charge for "public IPv4 address" for both of them on the Billing page. Will this charge eventually be credited back to me? If not, the Free Tier is not really free then.


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Public IPv4 has become a paid service since February 1st.

EC2 public IPv4 is free for 750 hours per month.
In other words, if you just continue using one public IPv4 for a month, I think it will fall within the free tier.
If you are using more than one, you may be charged more than the free tier.

Since the above information is for EC2, we recommend that you open a case with AWS Support under "Account and billing" to find out if WorkSpaces will also be free.
You can contact AWS Support for free under "Account and billing".

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  • Hi, I also received a charge for the same thing, I am not using WorkSpaces, and am well under 750 hours per month. I only had a single IPv4 address assigned to a single t2.micro instance.

  • I recommend that you contact AWS Support by opening a case under "Account and billing".

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answered 4 months ago

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