Greengrass memory consumption over 400 MB (Windows)


We are running Greengrass w/ versions and plugins specified below. On a completely idle system, we see RAM initialize at around 400 MB, and it creeps toward 500 MB over time.

Is this expected? This seems considerably higher than we were expecting. I don't see anything of interest in the logs.

    "aws.greengrass.Nucleus": {
      "componentVersion": "2.11.2"
    "aws.greengrass.Cli": {
      "componentVersion": "2.11.2"
    "aws.greengrass.LocalDebugConsole": {
      "componentVersion": "2.3.1"
    "aws.greengrass.LogManager": {
      "componentVersion": "2.3.5"
    "aws.greengrass.ShadowManager": {
      "componentVersion": "2.3.3"
    "aws.greengrass.TokenExchangeService": {
      "componentVersion": "2.0.3"
    "aws.greengrass.clientdevices.Auth": {
      "componentVersion": "2.4.3"
    "aws.greengrass.clientdevices.mqtt.Bridge": {
      "componentVersion": "2.2.6"
    "aws.greengrass.clientdevices.mqtt.Moquette": {
      "componentVersion": "2.3.3"
    "aws.greengrass.telemetry.NucleusEmitter": {
      "componentVersion": "1.0.7"
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Looks like you have 8 plugin components, all of which will contribute to the memory usage of Greengrass. This is quite a lot of components and you should remove any that are not required for your use case.

You may consider adjusting some java options to help limit the memory usage, however, it is certainly expected to be larger given the number and which plugins you choose to use.

Configure Java memory options:

LocalDebugConsole and Moquette both run Netty http/mqtt servers which will be large contributors to the memory usage. Consider removing the local debug console from production devices and consider using the EMQX MQTT broker if you want to decrease the memory usage of Nucleus.



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